• About LMNT®

Our Philosophy

Over the course of 15 years manufacturing vehicles for special roles in arduous conditions, we have experienced, and overcome, many technical challenges.

Inspired by the periodic table of chemical elements we developed a modular system of components. Just like chemical elements can be combined with others to build larger compounds so our components can be combined to build a superbly performing 4×4 vehicle.

We attach great importance to understanding our customers’ requirements. Which is why knowing the climate, terrain and role in which the vehicle will be used guides the improvements we perform

Our experience with 4×4 vehicles teaches us that changes in climate and location require adaptability. We therefore attach a great importance to detailed and individual consultation to match your very requirement

Our Products

We make use of our own extensive range of tried-and-tested components and those from carefully selected partner manufacturers. All the parts we fit to our customers’ vehicles have one thing in common; their reliability and durability have been proven under extreme conditions.