About our Wheels

The LMNT range of heavy duty alloy wheels offer a combination of low weight and massive payload. Our wheels are around 3 times lighter than a steel wheel of the same size and payload. A lighter wheel reduces unsprung mass which means less inertia is transmitted to the springs. The suspension can follow the terrain more easily which means better traction. Increased traction also improves steering and cornering performance to give better vehicle handling.

About our Suspension Components

Whether springs, shock absorbers, control arms or other modifications – we have a wide range of suspension upgrades which have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested.
We are particularly proud of our specially developed and patented LMNT Front Suspension Upright Reinforcement. Designed to enhance the vehicle’s road performance, this package combines special springs and improved damping to provide a more comfortable ride. Ideal for drivers who spend much of their time on the road and need occasional off-road capability.

About our Permanent Four-Wheel-Drive

Make your vehicle safe on and off-road – LMNT Permanent Four-Wheel-Drive allows you to drive on any surface – even dry asphalt – providing more stability when towing or added traction in wet slippery conditions. Ensure vehicle response and optimal power distribution of your vehicle.

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